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  • Red laser : High Brightness Red Dot Laser Alignment Review
    There is more than one time that I saw the 650nm red laser diode manufactured dot laser alignment is being used as an dot projection tool in those of industrial working fields such as textile button positioning, laser marking machine etc. It is merely used separately, but always being used as an accessory part of these alignment machine or equipmen
  • Red laser : Continuous Line from Red Line Laser Alignment
    It is not the first time I am asked to make a review about laser alignment. This time I am requested to do review on the line projecting red laser alignment. This is a 650nm red laser diode light emitting source manufactured line laser alignment, allowing highly stable and reliable line projection on all targeting fields precisely and accurately. I
  • Red laser : The Most Affordable Red Dot Laser Alignment
    Have you ever used a red dot laser alignment to make reference dot alignment and calibration in work? Some people might have used a light spot sticker to make positioning in work. However, it is not an easy job to always get an accurate dot alignment via a simple sticker. Users are always limited by distance, accuracy or some other difficulties. Wi